• Distance period 5.12.2022 - 10.3.2023

    The distance period of TOT 4 training of trainers takes place between 5.12.2022 and 10.3.2023. Below you will find details and other general information about the distance period. Welcome!

    During the distance period you will:
    • Deepen your knowledge on the topics discussed during the workshop

    • Continue exchanging experiences on socio-cultural issues with fellow teachers from other universities

    • Share your experiences and sensitize the colleagues from your own university

    • Discuss different kinds of frameworks (e.g the ones introduced during the workshop) and plan their implementation

    • Elaborate plans of action for selected topics to be introduced at your university (e.g. plan of inclusivity)

    The distance period will consist of:
    • Online discussions based on the workshop contents and selected items of the Kenya Government Gazette

    • Tutorial meetings via Zoom with all participants, unwrapping results of online discussions. During the tutorial meetings the participants will be split to small groups in order to facilitate a maximum interaction and exchange of ideas 

    • Group work together in university teams: all assignments will be carried out as group work (one-page docs) Three separate assignments at different stages of the distance period

    • Three separate assignments in different stages of the distance period

      Schedule and tasks:

      The online discussions and tasks will be carried out before each tutorial session

      schedule for DP

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