• Instructions for 2nd group work

    Instructions for the 2nd group work - university teams

    You will work within your university team.


    Start planning the training and dissemination activities to be carried out during 2023-24.

    With your team, answer the questions 1-3 of the workbook and fill in the planned activities in the table.

    Remember to download a copy of the workbook before you start to work by following the instruction below

    1. Click on the link below or write the shortlink to your browser's address field.

    Shortlink: bit.ly/totworkbook

    2. When the presentation file has opened click “File” on the upper left corner

    3. Click “Download the file to your computer” and choose the pptx. format

    4. Open the document and save it with a different name (for example Workbook + name of your university)

    5. You will upload this document to the Moodle platform once the tasks are completed.

    1. Answer the questions 1- 3 of the workbook and fill in the planned activities in the table

    When you have answered to the questions and saved the changes to the document please upload the document to Moodle by following the instructions below:

    1. Click on the assignment to open it:
    2. Click the "Add submission" button.

    3. Click the box highlighted below and choose the destination where you have saved your group's work book. Finally click the "Save changes" button.