Workshop 2: Building Lotus Blossom mind map

1. Enter a problem to be solved, an item to be improved, or a theme to be examined in the center box.(Box I in the center of the picture)
2.Brainstorm related components, solutions or themes and put these in the boxes immediately surrounding the center box.  (Boxes A-H above)
3.The values from those boxes should now be used as the center of the eight lotus blossoms on the outer edges of the sheet.
4.Brainstorm related components, solutions or themes and enter these in the eight boxes surrounding each of the new center seeds for each outer lotus blossom. Try your best to complete all of the blossoms to maximize ideas.
5.Upon completion you will have at least 64 new ideas related to the original problem or theme.
6. Save your mind map to Moodle folder.

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