Introduction to CBC

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, the you will be able to:

 (1) Distinguish between the two systems of education in their structure, approaches and methodologies, 

(2) Identify the different roles and players in the CBC, particularly the teacher capacities. 

Rationale: The education system in Kenya is changing from 8-4-4 to CBC. Teacher educators engaged in training teachers, need to reflect on their own educator competencies and prepare themselves to pass on these skills to teachers for Senior School and other stages. 

Key learning points:

  1.  The importance of CBC in relation to National Goals

  2.  The structure of CBC and key pedagogies, parental empowerment and engagement, standardized assessment tools

  3. The key issues in teacher education for CBC

Primary material:

Video clip on CBC summary by Prof. Egara Kabaji


KICD Basic Education Curriculum Framework:
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