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The current challenges regarding the situation of education in Kenya calls for an urgent development of a comprehensive training of trainers programme to empower lecturers, teacher trainers and their students to deliver the changes that have been made in the existing basic school curricula, Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF), towards student-centered inquiry-based approaches (KICD 2017; Kenya Vision 2030; World Bank report 2018). The introduction of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) in Kenyan schools calls for a comprehensive change in the instructional approach in terms of teaching, learning and assessment. This requires improvement in teacher education and training programmes in order to equip teachers (both pre-service and in-service) with the competencies that will enable them to handle effectively the challenges associated with CBC implementation in schools. There is thus a strong need to support the Kenyan universities’ teacher education and teacher training colleges in embracing the CBC while in basic education institutions that is already being rolled out.

The target of the TOTEMK project is to strengthen the capacity of teacher education and institutional management in Kenya and get more teachers for the labour market who are competent to deliver Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) in the Kenyan schools. The TOTEMK project strongly contributes to well functioning, relevant and accessible higher education to the students by modernizing partner country’s HEIs’ teacher education, responding to the learning crisis by teaching crisis (Reinikka et al., 2018), and developing students’ learning to correspond to current education needs.

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The TOTEMK project has professional experience both from Finnish and Kenyan universities. Are you interested in hearing more about the project or discussing with some of it’s members? Please contact the project assistants Laura Karilainen (Finland), laura.karilainen@helsinki.fi and Francis Chege Gatabu (Kenya), chege.gatabu@gmail.com. 

Laura Karilainen

Laura Karilainen is working as an International Project Officer at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. She is interested in developing the various form of international collaboration at the university. Laura is specifically interested in working with the development cooperation projects developing teacher education since her educational background is in subject teaching. In this project, Laura's main responsibilities include coordinating the various tasks of the project, including communication.

francis Gatabu

Francis Gatabu is highly skilled and passionate about technology and is greatly driven by the capacity enhancement, automation and productivity that IT adds to an organizations systems and processes and are motivated by seeking solutions to problems that cause positive impact. He is currently working the the University of Nairobi.